Body Care

The body plays an important part in the overall impression of a person. The right proportions, soft but firm skin can be seen and even felt.

Working with the body has become a booming sector of the economy. Wellness and fitness are very popular leisure activities.

The skin of the body should therefore be cared for with the same attention given to pampering one’s face to ensure that the body appears beautiful and fresh, that the contours remain firm and well-defined.

BioChange Anti-Ageing BODY CARE

MBR, the anti-ageing specialist, offers with BioChange Anti-Ageing BODY CARE a custom-tailored body care programme that is fast and uncomplicated, with effects that are immediately noticeable.
Above and beyond its active ingredients, these products contain a distinctly natural and elegant fragrance whose development has incorporated the entire science of aromachology and aromatherapy. Lightly dosed for effective use in body care, fleeting enough to never be annoying.