BioChange® Anti-Ageing BODY CARE


MBR, the anti-ageing specialist, offers with BioChange Anti-Ageing BODY CARE a custom-tailored body care programme that is fast and uncomplicated, with effects that are immediately noticeable.
Above and beyond its active ingredients, these products contain a distinctly natural and elegant fragrance whose development has incorporated the entire science of aromachology and aromatherapy. Lightly dosed for effective use in body care, fleeting enough to never be annoying.

The three steps involved in MBR Anti-Aging BODY CARE lead to a completely new body feel. OPEN, TREAT, CLOSE, combined with special ingredients, is the name of the simple formula with which visible, noticeable, lasting results are achieved.

OPEN means soft, gentle cleansing. The skin becomes balanced. Active ingredients in the MBR body care products are optimally absorbed.

TREAT means solving individual skin problems. The body is reshaped. Obtaining a new contour and firmness.

CLOSE means that balance is restored. The body‘s skin becomes firm and soft again. This special skin care product gives certainty and freshness, hands become silky soft, feet and legs return to their former lightness.