BioChange® CytoLine®

Controlled stimulation of cell growth

The desire to stimulate cell growth in aged or sun-damaged skin, to restore a functional balance and to initiate process of rejuvenation led to the development of the MBR BioChange® CytoLine® range.

CytoLine® is based on the multi-functional MPC™ milk peptide complex.
The natural, biologically active polypeptides (cytokines) or signal molecules of essential importance in cell communication. They have controlling and regulating properties. They have a long-lasting impact on epidermal cell growth and reduce the visible sign of skin ageing by stimulating the production of extra-cellular matrix molecules (collagen type 1) in the dermis, thus ensuring improved skin firmness and elasticity.

In interaction with other highly effective lipids and active substances, CytoLine® combines all factors to reduce wrinkle depth, improving skin structure and suppleness. Skin appears visibly rejuvenated.